BBC Radio 4 - On the Trail of the American Honeybee

Crate where bees once livedPhoto by: bbcworldservice / CC: Attribution-NonCommercial License

Documentary looking at migratory beekeeping in the USA from the california almond mega-monocultures and beyond.

Almond orchardPhoto by: bbcworldservice / CC: Attribution-NonCommercial License

As Ontatio's provincial apiarist reported the numbers of hives moving from Ontario to the blueberries ~1000+km away has more than doubled in the last few years, the issues experienced by our southern neighbours are certainly worth contemplating up here in Canada (and in the nut aisle of bulk food stores everywhere).


Talk on commercial beekeeping, top bar, small cell, raising hardy northern queens and going treatment free.

Excellent lecture from Sam Comfort covering his past with the commercial beekeeping industry and why he started keeping top bar hives.