Differences between bees and wasps

A poster outlining distinguishing features of bees, wasps and flies. Click on the image to see it full sized.

The differences between bees, wasps and flies

This video shows a honey bee along side a group of wasps, and illustrates some of the latter's eating habits (warning this video is a little graphic):

Check out this citizen scientist pollinator monitoring guide for more details on the differences between bees, wasps, and flies.

There's also a great video here that offers a fascinating overview of the many different types of bees.

Photo credits:

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Flies: Thick-Headed Fly? by Bob Peterson (CC-BY-SA)Sicus ferrugineus by Christophe Quintin (CC-BY-NC)Spot eyes by Jean and Fred Hort (CC-BY-NC) Marmalade Hoverfly by Goutam Gujjar (CC-BY-NC-SA)Florida Bee Killer (Mallophora bomboides) by Bob Peterson (CC-BY-SA)Hoverfly by Dendroica cerulea (CC-BY)

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  1. Is there any way I can get this poster resolution and have it printed locally. This is AWESOME and I'd love to share it and use it at the NC State Fair

    1. shawn-caza

      Thanks For the kind words Kim! If you click the image in the post it should open up a much larger version. Is that resolution big enough? I've printed it myself at 6"x30".


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