Honey Culture Radio with Laura Bee
Honey Culture radio is a weekly community radio show from Ashland, Oregon. The radio broadcasts online, and each show is archived and can be streamed and downloaded from the web. As the title ... [Read More]
Greg Hunt on breeding hygienic mite-biting honeybees
Video of Dr. Greg Hunt of Purdue University, Dept. of Entomology speaking to the Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association. He talks a little about pesticides, but what really caught my interest ... [Read More]
Defending the hives from wasps with DIY traps
They do like to feed on bees, larvae and honey Yellow jackets can be very persistent in wanting to enter the hive, but the bees are usually a little ahead of them in building up their numb... [Read More]
The kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Podcast
A Beekeeping Podcast from New Zealand. They've been rather prolific in putting out a large number of episodes on a wide variety of topics in a short time period. Of their current episodes, ... [Read More]
Thomas Seeley on honeybee communication - The Bee Hive as a Honey Factory
A presentation by Thomas Seeley where he outlines a few different communication signals used by the bees to effectively and efficiently distribute the number of bees taking on different tasks in ho... [Read More]
Keeping mice, voles, and shrew out of beehives over winter
What a mouse in a hive looks like Once a mouse enters a hive they typically chew out the bottom corner of a few frames to make space. They will then bring in nest material. This is a view from ... [Read More]
The truth about thousands of years old unspoiled ancient Egyptian honey
This is an oft repeated story printed by seemingly credible publications and told by innumerable beekeepers and honey lovers around the world. It's a shocking statement that lends honey an almo... [Read More]
Important things to know about beeswax
To maintain the quality of your bees wax, here's a few things to be aware of when melting: Temprature Heating the wax to tempratures above 85ºC (185ºf) may discolour it. The mel... [Read More]
The Monk and the Honeybee
A documentary on Brother Adam's the world famous breeder of the Buckfast bee. Filmed for the BBC in 1987 when Brother Adams was 89. The film goes into some of the history of developing... [Read More]
Learn to identify American foulbrood in 90 seconds
American foul brood (AFB) is possibly the most devastating honey bee disease. It kills the colony, and It's high virulence means it can easily spread through your full apiary and on to... [Read More]