Top ten questions to think about before getting started in urban beekeeping (part 2)
6. How well do you know the neighbourhood? Whether rural or urban, beekeepers rarely (if ever) have the luxury of controlling the entire forage area of their live stock. The moment your bees f... [Read More]
Top ten questions to think about before getting started in urban beekeeping (part 1)
1. Why do I want to be an urban beekeeper? In light of all the recent media attention given to mass bee deaths, there has been a dramatic increase in people getting into beekeeping with th... [Read More]
Do I need a queen excluder?
The simple answer to the question is no you don't need a queen excluder. In fact, I prefer not to use them most of the time. Why I feel that way is best explained by this video where you can se... [Read More]
Where the Wild Bees Are: Documenting a Loss of Native Bee Species between the 1800s and 2010s | Scientific American
Moritz Stefaner put together a very interesting infographic for Scientific American which succinctly illustrates a variety of wild bee statistics for Carlinville, Ill. At a glance you can see many ... [Read More]
How to keep a beehive cool during a heat wave
There are a few things you can with your standard langstroth roofs to help keep the bees comfortable during a heat wave. There are also a few design modifications well worth considering when buildi... [Read More]
Birch Pollen Honey for Birch Pollen Allergy – A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
There's lots of anecdotal evidence about the benefits of honey on allergies. I could also add my own positive story to that list, but the science looking into the matter still seems rather limi... [Read More]
This paper covers the ground breaking research in which a large number of feral hives were dissected, described and analyized. There is a whole lot of interesting information here. Some of this inf... [Read More]
Dennis Murrell on Condensation
Dennis had a post on his site with a very interesting look at the importance of condensation in the hive. His site no longer seems to be up, but an archived copy of his site is still available. ... [Read More]
Wild Honey Hunters - BBC documentary with Jimmy Doherty
This doc offers a quick glimpse into the tradition of collecting honey from Apis Laboriosa the giant bee which live exposed on large combs under over hanging rock on the side of cliffs in Nepal. ... [Read More]
Wrapping up the sky hive
September 24 - October 16 We fed the bees around 11 times. 1 - 1.5 kg of sugar in a 2:1 syrup solution each time. On October 15 we saw little evidence of capped honey in the upped warré ... [Read More]