The truth about thousands of years old unspoiled ancient Egyptian honey
This is an oft repeated story printed by seemingly credible publications and told by innumerable beekeepers and honey lovers around the world. It's a shocking statement that lends honey an almo... [Read More]
Important things to know about beeswax
Handy resource from the Santa Fe Beeswax Candle Co. on beeswax. It doesn't really get into the nitty gritty of rendering wax, but it does outline a number of valuable to know characteristics of... [Read More]
The Monk and the Honeybee
A documentary on Brother Adam's the world famous breeder of the Buckfast bee. Filmed for the BBC in 1987 when Brother Adams was 89. [Read More]
Learn to identify American foulbrood in 90 seconds
American foul brood (AFB) is possibly the most devastating honey bee disease. It kills the colony, and It's high virulence means it can easily spread through your full apiary and on to... [Read More]
Bee Man
Nice short video portrait of Ontario beekeeper Robert Ireland. His form of apitherapy sounds rather unique, I'd be curious to learn more about it. [Read More]
Tough winter, slow spring, but a great early summer flow
The winter of 2013/14 is perhaps the coldest winter I have ever experienced in my life. Bees in the area were hit hard. 60% of the colonies in Ontario did not make it Relentless cold temperatures m... [Read More]
Nectar Production for the Hungarian Honey Industry
This overview of honey producing flowers is geared towards apiculture in Hungary, but it provides details on some plants beekeepers in North America will be familiar with too. It provides data ... [Read More]
Top ten questions to think about before getting started in urban beekeeping (part 2)
6. How well do you know the neighbourhood? Whether rural or urban, beekeepers rarely (if ever) have the luxury of controlling the entire forage area of their live stock. The moment your bees f... [Read More]
Top ten questions to think about before getting started in urban beekeeping (part 1)
1. Why do I want to be an urban beekeeper? In light of all the recent media attention given to mass bee deaths, there has been a dramatic increase in people getting into beekeeping with th... [Read More]
Do I need a queen excluder?
The simple answer to the question is no you don't need a queen excluder. In fact, I prefer not to use them most of the time. Why I feel that way is best explained by this video where you can se... [Read More]